Planting hope

sHOPE (verb): to Shop and gift HOPE.

When you shop at the Hope for Good Marketplace you give hope, not to our designated charity, but to the charity of YOUR choice and to the cause that you believe in.

Every product/service/event/exclusive opportunity that appears in our marketplace now or in the future will provide a significant and transparent dollar donation to benefit your charity, cause or human being in need. If your charity is not listed just type in your charity and we will find it for you (or we will contact you for more information to help us track it down).

Empowering Change from the ground up.

The Hope for Good foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charged with empowering, inspiring, and advancing grassroots organizations and charitable efforts.

“Hope is the guiding light through which people seek to do good and strive daily to become better human beings.”

– Olivia Song

for Weight Management, Anti-Aging and Wellness.
Hold onto Hope.

Do you have an exclusive product, service, invention, collectible, artwork, memorabilia — something downright extraordinary — that you or your company would like to feature on the Hope for Good Marketplace that could significantly benefit good charities and worthy causes?

Let’s talk and brainstorm on how, together, we can give hope and do good!


Hope for Good welcomes partnerships with organizations that have charitable missions, programs, and/or fundraising needs. We seek to work with passionate people with networks of everyday heroes using next-generation fundraising tools.

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