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Hope for Good is a socially conscious company committed to making a positive impact on the world. Through the sale of exclusive, purpose-driven products, events, and services, we support a wide array of charities and causes, empowering good-hearted individuals to make a difference. The company is not only about bringing high-quality goods to the market, but it's also about sparking change and spreading hope, thus turning conscious consumerism into a powerful tool for good.

Our Purpose

In association with HopeforGood.org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our online marketplace is where you will find ever-growing, innovative and exceptional products, services, events, and exclusive opportunities thoughtfully and uniquely curated to support charities, remarkable causes, and good people in need - all with full and total transparency. Our vision is to become the Amazon of product-service-event aligned charities.

Every purchase made by you will support a worthy cause with a significant transparent dollar donation. You will know exactly, to the penny, how much you’ve contributed to providing hope for a better world.

Our 501(c)(3) non-profit will send you an email attesting to that specific donation and where that donation went. Furthermore, you will receive email correspondence from the supported charity throughout the year updating you as to how your contribution has made an impact. Because of you – Hope for Good will leave a positive mark on good causes and good people each and every time you select a fantastic product, service, or event.

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Adi Song

Co-Founder & President

Adi has been an effervescent champion of worthy causes, good people and life-changing entrepreneurial endeavors for over four decades. Born in Virginia and raised in Nevada, Adi’s passion has always been, and continues to be, inspiring joy, happiness, and compassion in everything she does and with everyone she meets. She has a unique talent of seeing the hidden special gifts that lie within people and helping to unlock those gifts for the benefit of the world. At Hope for Good, Adi’s tenacious love for humanity epitomizes the very heart for the inspiration of this marketplace, knowing that at any critical moment in someone’s life or in someone’s cause, everything they need is found in hope and strength – the hope that life will get better, and the strength to hold on until it does.

Keith Michel

Co-Founder, CTO & COO

Keith is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. As the founder of innovative companies MacroView Labs and OfferCraft, he designed patented technology platforms which serve millions of users globally while receiving dozens of industry awards. Keith has served on Nevada’s Entrepreneur Leadership Council and has created software which powers the National Center for Technology Literacy. Keith is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and currently serves as the CEO and Founder of Pala Ferry Group.

Olivia Song

HFG Foundation 501(c)(3) President

In her role as President of the Hope for Good Foundation, Olivia believes that hope is the guiding light through which people seek to be good and strive daily to become better human beings. Born and raised in the Silver State, Olivia is one of the top stylists in the Las Vegas valley and a blossoming global entrepreneur, always seeking to pay it forward and leave her shining light and faith on those around her. She believes that “generating hope is a waking dream” and her dream for Hope for Good is that God’s mercy and grace be given to all, especially to those good people and worthy causes that deserve help the most, because what’s in their hearts is true, pure, genuine, joyful, warm, and an inspiration to their circle of humanity.

Evan Song

Managing Director

Evan is an ATP tennis professional and high-performance coach. He has
played in over 500 professional matches across more than 30 countries, and won the 2019 World Team Tennis Championship with the Springfield Lasers. Evan’s dream has been to create a non-profit organization that strives, commits and dedicates itself 24/7/365 using an innovative, disciplined, targeted approach – giving back and paying it forward to good charities, good people, and good causes. This dream is Hope for Good!

Luke Holmberg

Chief Analytics Officer & Senior VP

Luke is a data scientist driven by modern analytic methodologies and entrepreneurship. Corporate experience at a multi-billion dollar automobile/recreational vehicle company has focused and solidified his skills in statistical computing and trend analysis. Luke has a passion for giving back to the world, helping those without means, and through his work with Hope For Good Marketplace is committing himself to making the greatest difference he can. Luke has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Jason Michel

Data Analysis & Content Strategy

Jason is excited to be at Hope for Good to lead web projects, improve user experiences for customers and fundraisers, and help optimize outcomes for our partner charities. When he isn’t crunching numbers for us, you’ll find him working his deep connections in the local tennis and academic communities. Jason is currently earning undergraduate finance and economics degrees as an Honors scholar at UNLV's Lee Business School.

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