60 Second Diet

60 Second Diet

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America's Fat Sponge

Dietary fat may be responsible for more of the health problems in America than any other single factor. Unfortunately, reports seem to show that the intake of fat is actually accelerating in the United States.

Many of us are unable to do what we know what we should do – that is to reduce our dietary intake of fat. We know that sometimes those pizzas, hamburgers and fries, ice cream, and desserts look way too good to refuse. And, after all, who can say “no” to mom’s home-cooked Thanksgiving dinners?

Longevity designed the 60 Second Diet to minimize the guilt from eating heavy meals and to help reduce food cravings, fat absorption and fat assimilation. You simply take four capsules of the 60 Second Diet with a glass of water before eating meals that contain fat – the super-potent fiber capsules act like sponges absorbing the fats we eat while they’re still in the digestive tract and before the body can convert them to excess pounds.

The 60 Second Diet’s ingredients have proven dramatically effective in absorbing fats in foods and helping people lose unwanted pounds. The secret of the 60 Second Diet is that it contains an exclusive bio-synergistic combination of natural fibers: inulin, psyllium, guar gum, and glucomannan. Garcinia cambogia and a cruciferous vegetable complex containing the important nutraceutical Indole-3-Carbinol. The fibers in each 500 mg. veggie capsule, taken with water, swell up to nine times their dry volume and can make you feel full so that you can resist overeating as thousands of microscopic fibers literally soak up fat and the body eliminates the fibers naturally.

So when the craving hits you for a scoop of chocolate-chip ice cream, a deluxe pepperoni pizza, or that double cheeseburger, don’t forget to take your 60 Second Diet!

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Body Intelligence Redefined

Smart Fasting™ has been nutritionally engineered and synergistically designed to ignite the incredible health benefits discovered in traditional fasting, and more specifically, in fasting-mimicking diets.

  • Cognitive Energy
  • Weight Management
  • Appetite Control
  • Digestive Cleansing/Detox
  • Best-Tasting Weight-Management Shake
  • Dairy/Lactose Free
  • Cold-Processed, Highly Active, Functional Whole-Food Nutrition
  • High Fiber
  • No Cholesterol
  • All Natural
  • High Fiber
  • Loaded with Probiotics
  • Helps eliminate Carcinogenic Substances, Fats, and other Dangerous Toxins

Mixing PINK with sparkling water feels fancy!

Coach Kelsey, NASM-CNC

Blend PURPLE with ice and your milk preference to create your new favorite shake!

Coach Olivia, NASM-CNC

If you take PEACH on as a regular, PEACH will make you regular in the bathroom!

Coach Emily, NASM-CNC

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